Mike and Emily

Join us on an Adventure of a lifetime

Mike Kloser

The name Mike Kloser and adventure go hand in hand. Mike has been seeking adventure his entire life. In 1988, Mike was crowned Mountain Bike Cross Country World Champion and throughout his cycling career stacked up an impressive resume of world cup wins and podiums as well as many other titles, including a silver medal in the Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships. Upon retiring from professional cycling, Mike went on to adventure racing. He won the Eco-Challenge 3 times, Primal Quest 5 times and won the World Championships 4 times. Just to add another fun fact to his resume, he is also a world champion in long distance orienteering. Mike is a man of many talents and his love for all things considered adventurous is contagious. Throughout Mike’s athletic career, he gained plenty of experience in coaching and guiding others.

Emily Kloser

Emily has been the manager of Mike Kloser racing for over 30 years. Worldwide logistics and coordination are well tuned parts of Emily’s bio. Emily also has plenty of experience in guiding as a hiking guide for another operation for many years. Emily is an accomplished trail runner and 2007 TransRockie Run women’s champion. She is also a strong cyclist.  Emily is full of patience and encouragement. She is always happy to help with guests travel arrangements. The tours are extra special due to Emily’s ability to find great hotels and fun out of the way experiences.

Adam Plummer

Adam is a man of many talents and has been a part of the OutThereAdventureTravel team from the beginning. Adam is also an accomplished cyclist, bike mechanic, guide, coach and massage therapist. On top of all of that, he is one super nice guy.


An unforgettable adventure and some of the best riding you’ll ever do.